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Get Out & Vote! August 26, 2014

Elect Phil MettheyLocal elections are just around the corner!  This year there are several important races, notably many races for Judges.  In Pinellas County, LeavenLaw is proud to support Phil Matthey for his candidacy for Circuit Court Judge.  LeavenLaw Shareholders Ian Leavengood and Michael Boyle have both known Matthey for years, both personally and professionally.  Matthey has the firm’s unqualified support. 

In Hillsborough County, LeavenLaw is proud to support one of its former shareholder, Judge Chris Nash.  Judge Nash was appointed to the Hillsborough County Court bench by Governor Rick Scott in 2013.  The only incumbent on the ballot, Judge Nash has received exemplary reviews from both Judges and Lawyers alike.  More specifically, Judge Nash recently received a 99% approval rating from members of the Hillsborough County Bar Association.  This is the highest approval rating a Judge or a Judicial candidate has ever received from the HCBA!     

Keep Judge Chris NashAdditionally, Judge Nash has received high marks from senior, sitting Judges, earning their respect and assignments rarely received by new members of the Bench.  Finally, Judge Nash has received all major Newspapers endorsements (Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Tribune, La Gaceta, and The Florida Bulletin) as well as Hillsborough County Sheriff, David Gee.  LeavenLaw is proud to give its unqualified support to Chris Nash for Judge in Hillsborough County.  For more information on Judge Chris Nash, please visit his campaign website. 

So, if you live in Hillsborough County, please get out and vote for Judge Chris Nash.  Let's keep Judge Chris Nash on the Bench!  Vote on August 26, 2014.

Nash Opponents' Campaign Called "Mean-Spirited" 

Tampa Bay TimesIn a recent article, the Tampa Bay Times wrote, "No race in Hillsborough offers voters such a stark choice as that for the Group 12 county court seat. The Times recommends incumbent Chris Nash, who has done a superb job. Norman S. Cannella has run a mean-spirited and overly political campaign. He faults Nash for accepting an appointment to the bench even though Cannella himself was up for a gubernatorial appointment to the county bench four years ago."