LeavenLaw Sues Bright House/Spectrum in Class-Action Over Illegitimate Fees

LeavenLaw recently sued Bright House/Spectrum and their parent company, Charter Communications, for allegedly unlawfully charging Florida consumers a Wi-Fi activation fee without a legitimate basis for doing so. More specifically, the class-action lawsuit alleges that Spectrum unlawfully charged former Bright House consumers with a $9.99 Wi-Fi “Activation Fee” even though all putative class members did not, in fact, activate any new Wi-Fi services.  

As alleged in the class-action, the Plaintiffs and members of the class already had Wi-Fi service through Bright House Networks before Charter Communications purchased Bright House last year. Charter rebranded Bright House as Spectrum, and Charter informed all Bright House legacy customers that they would not experience any new charges to their Spectrum accounts. According to the lawsuit, however, Spectrum nonetheless charged the named Plaintiffs—and potentially hundreds or thousands of Florida consumers—the $9.99 “activation” fee.  

Spectrum Bright House lawsuit

WTSP Channel 10 News interviewed LeavenLaw Senior Associate, Aaron M. Swift, Esq., about the class-action lawsuit against Spectrum and Charter. In the interview, which can be viewed above, Swift states, “this type of situation is the hallmark situation where you have a business potentially systematically and routinely taking advantage of Florida consumers.”  

If successful, the class-action lawsuit may entitle the class members to receive actual damages and up to $1,000.00 in statutory damages.  LeavenLaw is committed to fighting on behalf of Florida consumers when businesses violate the law. If you or someone you know have been charged unlawful or illegitimate fees—whether by service providers, debt collectors, hospitals, or credit card companies—contact LeavenLaw today for a free consultation. For more information, visit www.leavenlaw.com or call 1-855-LeavenLaw today.